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Member Case Study Four

I moved to Wellingborough in 1989 when I left the armed forces.

I have been drinking since 1975. Over the years it became progressively worse to a point where I lost everything. My children washed their hands of me as I would do nothing to help myself recover. I have been through two marriages which have not lasted due to my drinking and associated behaviour (of anger, mood swings and depression). I lost my job through drink driving and with it my house. All of my money went on drink and I ended up so in debt that I declared myself bankrupt.

Counselling at CRI did not work and neither did the anti-craving drugs that I was prescribed.

My health was suffering and I collapsed on a few occasions which led me to being admitted to a local general hospital.

I was at rock bottom but I couldn't see a way out. It was during my second stint at CRI that I was referred to Bridge.

I used to attend Bridge on a daily basis as an escape from my house and the drink.

My memory was shot so I couldn't remember any appointments. Steve used to help me with this by constantly reminding me where I needed to be. Steve was in constant contact with my mother in law who was now taking control of all of my affairs, including finances.

Steve realised that I needed to get into treatment as soon as possible and was looking into a rehab centre in Birmingham.

By chance, a bed became available in Rushden. I was taken to an interview at the house by Steve. It was due to him that a bed would be kept for me if I undertook a detox.

This I did and was admitted on 26th October 2015. Steve came twice a week to Recovery House and took the residents either to the gym or swimming. He arranged for gym membership, which has been great helping my recovery, aiding me to get much fitter and also improving my motivation.

I am now in my third month in the dry house and am still in contact with Steve. I continue to use the gym and swimming pool to further aid my recovery. Steve is also looking at future supported housing for me when I feel that the time is right to leave the dry house.

My life is now amazing. I now have my children back in my life and I feel that I have something to live for. I have a car and am now driving again; giving me freedom.

I really thank Bridge for helping me to get to where I am today. 8 months sober!

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