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Pain and Suffering

The Idea, The Team, The Leader soon to become dictator, my job is simple to share with you how all this came about and what we achieved.

What started out as a normal day in the bridge gym was soon to become a life change for myself, and one that certainly has been for the best and brought some lifelong friends along with it.

A new group had started in the gym, a circuit group being run by Julia, and being a little low on people joining in and in true Bridge style a little arm twisting tactics were being applied by Wayde and Julia. So reluctantly I gave in and decided to give it a go, couldn't be that hard, only a half hour, be over in no time were the naive thoughts that sprung to mind. Well I can share that circuit groups can be tougher than you think and have a habit of reminding you next day just how unfit you actually are, but as they say no pain no gain.

It was after a couple of the sessions that a few of us had got to know each other, that we were sat around afterwards having a drink and a catch up. We got onto the conversation of just how much better we felt for taking part, and wouldn't it be great to do something with this new found fitness. A few ideas were bantered around and having heard about a mud run the seed was sown, a 5k mud run how hard can that be I seem to remember being said. Well the following week we sat after the group and Julia overheard our idea or as it was a pipe dream at the time, it was Julia that said to us do it, why not? Money was the reply, distance was an issue the one we had seen advertised was miles away, a long walk to get there was one response.

Looking back, it was at this point that we created the dictator, Julia thought it was a good idea and backed us and worked on making it happen by getting us the backing to do it. So the team decided that this once dream was now available and if we are going to do let's do it, so our 5k mud run became a 10k, "can't be that hard can it" was the soon becoming famous line. Along with the "don't want to get to the line" and "wished we did the 10k" was the other responses that we got when chatting, so it was set 10k it was and we would run for charity with proceeds going to the gym for equipment.

And so the team was formed we had Wayde for gym work and nutrition we love a lentil or two now still not loving the green tea though. Along with our manager Julia, who got us running the 5k parkrun every Saturday morning, which we still do now every week. We continued with the weekly circuit group on top of the work that each of us was doing on our own build up. We still had a couple of months to go before the big day and so our boss managed to keep the weekly circuit group going over its planned duration.

Life continued and the friendships between the team grew even stronger so if you were struggling with training we all kept each other going.

The dictator kept on at us god help you if you were caught eating anything slightly unhealthy, though this did seem to be a little one sided as we sat there watching our team manager tucking into full english on Friday morning whilst we weren't even allowed a chocolate biscuit. Not hard to imagine where we got the team name from.


So the big day was soon upon us Julia had it all sorted thanks to her hard work, t-shirts sorted transport at the ready to get us to Rockingham Castle we had the easy part just turn up and run.

Well what can you say about a 10k mud run, yes, it is hard and you get to see all kinds of mud, black smelly mud is by far the worse can still smell it now! And me and the guys just love carrying a sand bag up a hill lots of times. But within yourself you can do anything you set your mind to, and with a good team alongside you anything is possible. What was supposed to be a 10k run turned out to be 14k which we completed in 3hrs 21min coming in positions 325-330 out of 631 runners so we are more than happy.


We still look back when we get together of the day we had, don't think we have laughed so much getting through the run and how we kept each other going to the line. Yes, it is hard but that's why it is called the "Pain and Suffering", but you can do it.

As a team we would like to thank all at Bridge for the belief in us the backing to do what we did. Wayde for his help and support over the time the motivation and allowing us the odd slack day, whilst keeping it from a certain person. And our biggest thanks to our dictator, manager & royal pain in the arse Julia, without Julia it would have remained a pipe dream and thanks to your hard work we have been able to give something back to Bridge.


As for the team, we have firm friendships now, and Julia's victims well we continue and always got to do one better now, next year we have a little unfinished business in Rockingham to do. We are hoping to do the legends race a weekend of a 10mile mud run on the Saturday with a 5k and 10k on the Sunday and looks like we may have a couple of new team members to join us.

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Martyn Burr, 04/08/2017

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