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Feedback from members and Northamptonshire County Council

I am Kay, a Contract Monitoring Officer working for Northamptonshire County Council (NCC), within Public Health and Wellbeing.

The funding for The Bridge is provided by NCC, Public Health and Wellbeing and therefore there are some things that have to checked up on to make sure this money is spent appropriately and on the things which are written in The Bridge's contract; Things like health and safety, staffing levels, staff training, policies and procedures, accessibility (making sure all people know they can come to The Bridge if they need support) and what goes on day to day.

Last month I met with the senior team, which I do on a regular basis to discuss progress/issues. During this meeting both Ian Fulton, NCC commissioner, and I praised The Bridge's website as it is always kept up to date and is very informative. We felt it would be good to have a section showing positive comments received from members. However, we quickly concluded, the senior team are far too modest and are not comfortable in "blowing their own trumpet". Therefore I wanted to do it as I feel it is more than justified!

If I was looking at the website as someone thinking about contacting The Bridge for support I think I would take comfort from knowing The Bridge is considered by its current members to be "friendly and welcoming, is good for meeting people, has lots of activities, will provide me with support, is a place to make new friends and will not be not judgemental". I think this would encourage me to take that bold next step and make a call or walk through the door, however daunting that may be and how nervous I may be feeling.

Another "hidden fact", which is; Every person who arrived for an induction in the last 6 months, a total of 276, all but 1 became an active member of The Bridge. That is really something to celebrate and full credit needs to be given to the staff, peer mentors and volunteers involved and to existing members who have extended a friendly and welcoming greeting.

Of the 43 members who completed a feedback form for me this time, 33 stated their first experience of The Bridge was "okay", "good", "very good" through to "excellent" and their additional comments included:

  • "Friendly, great help"
  • 100% liked it"
  • "Very friendly staff, feels very close"
  • "A safe and friendly place to be"
  • "Friendly, welcoming and professional"
  • "Nice community, respectful people"
  • "Very friendly"
  • "Very good, caring and nice people"
  • "Very good, welcoming and helpful with outside issues"
  • Good but it's got better and the staff have learnt more about us"

The remainder used the words "daunting", "scary" and "nervous" to describe their first experience. Any new experience can be all of these things. However overall they found it to be a positive experience - "Scary but okay", "scary but everyone was friendly and welcoming", "I was nervous, but very they were friendly". If I were reading this on the website and was unsure if I should make that call or take that step through the door I would focus on the positive comments - the support is there for you. 275 people can't be wrong!

Members have always made positive comments about the wide range of activities they can, if they want, choose from - see report below for examples or Bridge timetables on the website. However it is evident that members attend The Bridge not just to participate in activities as many have made comments about using the service to simply talk to other people, to gain support or give support to others - "Helping other people, trying to give a little back", to socialise, to receive 1:1 support, to volunteer and to access other support on offer such as AA meetings, Job Club and housing advice.

Members have told me the following information:

  • "Being around friends that are in same situation/being able to talk to someone 1:1"
  • "Meet new people and being kept active"
  • "The people/Housing officer's help"
  • "Keeps me sane"
  • "Having made friends through Bridge it is nice to catch up with friends and staff"
  • "The socialising and meeting people from all backgrounds. Non-judgemental atmosphere where you can be yourself"
  • "All of it to be honest"
  • "Using the gym, talking to other members and staff"
  • Sunday dinner. Staff are welcoming"
  • "Meeting new friends and activities"
  • "Time to myself"
  • "Friendly atmosphere, support"
  • "Every day is usually different & meet different people and offered things for time of season"
  • "Friendly & everyone is equal and no judging"
  • "Meeting people, passing time, getting to do so much more"
  • "Sorts my head out"
  • "The relaxed atmosphere and no judgement"
  • "Having people around me"
  • "It's somewhere to go when I am feeling alone"
  • "Being with like-minded people"
  • "Talking and meeting different people"

There is so much on offer at The Bridge and this is the perfect opportunity to say a BIG thank you to those who make this all possible. Thank you to all the staff, peer mentors and volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure The Bridge is there to support members and hopefully anyone else who wants to take that next step.

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Kay King
Contract Monitoring Officer
10th July 2017

If you would like to contact me directly regarding anything I have said then please email

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