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Ambulatory detox is a two week programme which is ever growing and adapting to meet the dynamic needs of our service users in Northamptonshire. The programme consists of structured, motivational groups, with a gradual movement to the service users taking control of their recovery capital. This runs alongside a clinical timetable, consisting of the provision of detox medications, observations, and health checks. The ambulatory detox is a holistic approach towards recovery, and allows service users to build strong friendships with like-minded individuals, going through the same experience. Service users will receive support with transport, and will be provided with breakfast and lunch on each day of the programme; the goal is to ensure that the experience is comfortable, smooth and safe for each individual.

Our aim as a service is to provide positive outcomes for our service users, and in doing so, empowering individuals to take the steps they have set for themselves to achieve their goals. Unlike an inpatient detox, the ambulatory programme only requires day-time attendance to the service, empowering service users to take responsibility for their recovery outside of this time. Service users are assessed for suitability by our nursing team, and provided with all the preparation they need during our pre-detox programme, to ensure they are set up to succeed, with all the tools and resources needed to manage this profound change in lifestyle.

In our experience, the ambulatory detox has not only provided our service users with the coping mechanisms, risk assessment tools and confidence they need to succeed, but also genuine, close friendships with a group of people who will forever be able to relate to the experience as one.


Service users hoping to attend the ambulatory detox programme are required to be medically assessed as a part of their structured treatment. Service users will have an assessment by either a doctor, nurse, or both dependent on the problem substance, before being deemed appropriate in mental and physical health for the ambulatory detox. Service users must be in good health, be without complex mental health problems, and have a supportive person at home who can check on the service user's welfare and needs.

Before being referred for the ambulatory detox, all service users must complete six pre-detox workshops, in addition to motivational psychosocial interventions with their keyworker. The pre-detox group is designed to build on service user's recovery capital and after careplan, in order to provide the best opportunity for service users to succeed on their recovery journey. Through experience and preparation, we have discovered that the most successful service users have benefitted from knowing what to expect during and after the detox, and putting supportive and protective factors in place, ready for the completion of the programme.

Service User Quotes:

"Everybody [was] friendly, affable and pleasant"

"Everything was excellent"

"Brilliant staff and friends"

"So much better than a home detox, by seeing that you're not on your own"

"I feel really well looked after"

"It has been a wonderful experience!"

Staff Quotes

I delivered ambulatory detox on the fifth day of the two week programme and was amazed at how close the group had become in that short period of time. Everyone was focused and supported each other throughout the day and made my job as a facilitator very easy! It was a pleasure to be a part of their journey.

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