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Past Events (2015)

23rd December:

Festive Walk through Fineshade Woods (Corby).

22nd December:

Christmas Dinner (Wellingborough).

17th December:

Christmas Event (Northampton).

13th December:

Christmas Dinner (Northampton).

8th December:

Pamper Day (Corby).

24th December:

Self-Employment Workshop - 11AM - 1PM (Northampton).

8th November:

Sunday Roast.

30th October:

Halloween Event.

28th October:

Halloween Children's Day.

23rd October:

Mixed Pamper Day.

4th October:

Sunday Roast.

24th - 25th September:

Bridge Bake Off/Fun Day (in aid of MacMillan).

21st August:

Camping (Men's Group).

19th August:

Children's Day.

16th August:

BBQ at Bridge.

2nd August:

Sunday Roast.

29th July:

Children's Day.

17th July:

Mixed Pamper Day.

10th July:

Picnic at Irchester Park (Wellingborough)

29th June:

Circuit Training at Beckett's Park - 12PM-1PM.

7th June:

Sunday Roast.

5th June:

East Carlton BBQ & Games (Corby).

2nd June:

Fundraising Day (Wellingborough).

26th May:

Football Tournament.

8th - 10th May:

Waendel Walk.

8th May:

Frantic Assembly - An Interactive Play (Corby).

3rd May:

Sunday Roast.

29th April:

Boating Lake Walk and Picnic (Corby).

24th April:

Mixed Pamper Day.

22nd April:

Football Tournament (Leicester).

12th April:

Sunday Roast.

1st April:

Children's Day.

31st March:

Regional Recovery Event.

30th March:

Football Tournament.

13th March:

Red Nose Day.

9th March:

National Women's Day.

8th March:

Sunday Roast.

23rd February:

Members' Meeting (Wellingborough).

19th February:

Card Making (Wellingborough).

19th February:

Bridge Films Screening.
(Including Pantomime DVD.)

1st February:

Sunday Roast.

30th January:

Darts Tournament.

26th January:

Mixed Pamper Day.

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