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23rd December:

Children's Christmas Party (Northampton).

20th December:

Changing Goals finishes (Northampton).

19th December:

Christmas Event (Northampton).

11th December:

Christmas Dinner (Northampton).

29th November:

Recovery Day (All sites, held at Northampton).

1st December:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

22nd October:

Health Screening Clinic for the Homeless (Northampton).

24th October:

Trip to Adrenaline Alley.

31st October:

Family Day (All sites, held at Northampton).

3rd November:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

18th October:

Pamper Day (All sites, held at Northampton).

16th October:

Table Tennis Tournament (All sites, held at Northampton).

6th October:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

1st October:

Air Hockey Tournament (Northampton).

26th September:

Macmillan Afternoon Tea (Northampton).

25th September:

Macmillan Bake Cakes Day (Northampton).

1st September:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

7th August:

Trip to Delapre - "By the Sea" (All sites).

4th August:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

5th August:

Quiz and Bingo (Northampton).

7th July:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

10th July:

Table Tennis Tournament - Mixed Singles (Northampton).

12th July:

Table Tennis Tournament - Women's Singles and Mixed Doubles.(Northampton).

3rd July:

Trip to Sywell Country Park (All Sites).

1st July:

Quiz and Bingo (Northampton).

5th June:

Stand Up To Cancer Event (Northampton).

2nd June:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

5th May:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

26th April:

Pamper Day (Northampton).

7th April:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

3rd April:

Table Tennis Tournament (Northampton).

21st March:

Spy Misson Treasure Trail (Northampton).

14th March:

Trip to Stanwick Lakes for Comic Relief (All sites).

8th March:

International Womens Day (Northampton).

6th March:

Recovery Day (Northampton).
Including Captain Krankypants.

3rd March:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

1st March:

Table Tennis at Corby Smash.

28th February

Thornby Hall Trip (All sites).

19th and 28th February

First Aid Training (Northampton).

3rd February:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

22th January:

Members Meeting (Northampton).

25th January:

Pamper Day (Northampton).

6th January:

Sunday Dinner (Northampton).

Bridge Substance Misuse Programme Ltd is a Social Enterprise, company registered number 06221493. Registered office 63c Gold Street, Northampton, NN1 1RA.