Recovery Day

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On 28th June 2018 we held a Recovery Day Event in Northampton, with members from all 3 of our sites being offered the opportunity to have taster sessions of activities that currently take place at Bridge.

The day started off by having members take part in 3 of the most popular Recovery Group sessions, from each of the 3 sites. Members were each given a group to join. This proved to be successful with many members commenting on how much they enjoyed this, and a number of people saying that they wouldn’t normally attend group sessions but found this experience helpful.

We then offered therapy taster sessions for members to experience, acupuncture and meditation.

In the afternoon, members staff and volunteers made the short walk to Beckets Park to play rounders, volley ball, dodge ball and to fly kites. The games were played in a fantastic spirit with lots of laughter and encouragement from all. A lovely picnic had been made by the Bridge kitchen staff, which everyone enjoyed.


The weather was beautiful, so when some of our Bridge musicians started playing their music in the park it was the icing on the cake.

A good time was had by everyone, although some were visibly worn out by the heat and exercise!!

We have received fantastic feedback from many who attended, saying what a great day,and how much they had enjoyed themselves.

Bridget Carroll

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