Grow Festival

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The Grow Festival in Corby took place over the weekend of 27th and 28th July 2019.

Staff members from Corby arranged with members if they would like to attend on the Sunday 28th.


The theme this year was FOOD. There were various performing acts going on including music, theatre, dance and spoken word as well as different craft stalls.


Despite battling the worst weather of the summer all weekend people braved the rain and enjoyed themselves. Members gathered in the food tent and sampled the different meals that were on offer. Some members pulled faces and were a bit unsure of what they were eating, whilst others gave it a go and tried the various foods.


It was a great unite of all the people of Corby and other surrounding villages. So many people braved the rain and the community spirit was great. The volunteers and performers carried on regardless of the rain and people really enjoyed themselves having fun and getting everyone involved.

Members enjoyed the day out and staff rallied round and enjoyed the day too despite the rain.

Muriel Millard

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