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Referrals between partners can only serve to increase the facilities available and provide a more comprehensive service, that will meet the needs of the local community.


Aquarius has a number of different projects that deliver a variety of services and work in a number of different ways.

Aquarius is an agency that started working in the alcohol field in the 1970�s. Since then the work has spread into other areas including gambling and drugs but has always been based on research and evidence into what works well.

Our purpose is to help individuals and communities with problems arising from addictive behaviours to reduce the harm either to themselves or others. We take the view that people use alcohol (and/or other substances) to meet needs rather than as it being an illness or condition that they have no control over. The way that Aquarius works has developed through involvement with research and an awareness of the evidence for good practice. For Aquarius this means having a clear focus on enabling people to change through motivational approaches, skill training and the maintenance of change.

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